Viktoria and Slawa Prischedko

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to learn from two of the best Russian watercolourist around today. Viktoria and Slawa Prischedko are both world renowned artists in their own right, although working in contrasting styles. This is a uniqueopportunity to learn to paint in a new dimension. Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of watercolour painting. The excellent technique of these two unique and exceptional artists just explodes all dimensions.
On this rare painting workshop Viktoria will take the first three days followed by two days with Slawa.
Viktoria Prischedko, paints wet on wet, in a semi abstract style, usually taken from a photograph which she has herself taken with the finished result in mind. After making an initial sketch with a soft pencil she wets both sides of the paper. And then partly dries the focal point. Once she starts painting she varies the tone between warm and cool to determine relationships. Using a limited palette, Lemon Yellow is an important colour for Viktoria, to achieve her unique style, is used to contrast with dark colours in the background. The more you see her paintings the more you appreciate the work and by attending one of her workshops you will understand more and more of her spirit and vision.
Slawa Prischedko, husband of Viktoria, also works in watercolour using wet on wet style. His technique is different from Viktoria’s in that he does not make a preparatory drawing for his demonstration. He does not hesitate to repeat several times over an already coloured area.
“All nuances are possible in watercolor. And we can still multiply them when we know each color, what we distinguish the heavy pigment from the light, what is expected each reaction on the wet sheet. The painting must give room to the imagination. I do not reveal everything so that the eye can choose, in its own way, what it wants to see. ”
In his paintings Slawa combines the delicacy with the correctness of the trait to regale us with moving works evoking the Italian Renaissance.

Viktoria and Slawa Prischedko's courses at Dalvaro Art

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