Olga Litvinenko

Olga Litvinenko is an artist from St. Petersburg, graduate and post graduate from the Repin Academy of Fine Arts. She started exhibiting her works in 1999, when she was a student and is a winner of international competitions. Her creative works have been exhibited both in Russian and international exhibitions, and her works are also in private collections in Russia, America, France, China and Korea. My first watercolour sketch I made en plein air, when I was in art school. I still remember that sunny day. In the harbour there were very scenic ships and they impressed me, so that turned out to be a pretty good, lively sketch. Anyway, then I liked it the most. It was my first watercolour. I remember that I was incredibly interested in the process of work.

Dalvaro Art gives you this incredible opportunity to enjoy a week of painting with Olga. You will have a fantastic programme of learning while mixing in with the Valencian rural life. The workshop will include value exploration, composition, colour theory and colour mixing with sketching techniques. You will learn the art of how to take photographs as a base for painting in the studio. You will see how to use a simple technique of how to create the most successful sketches for painting while using the reference photos to include accurately the main objects of your chosen scene.

Our easy going programme is loosely based on having alternate days of painting within the studio and gardens of Las Orquideas and plein aire painting trips to some of the wonderful locations around Valencia, which are an artists delight.

Olga Litvinenko's courses at Dalvaro Art

All of our courses can be purchased with a pre-booked booking through our online store or by calling +34 962 21 72 26. If you need more information about existing reservations or places, please contact us.

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