Manolo Jiménez

Manolo Jiménez will hold nothing back on this workshop and will eagerly share with you the principals of his own method “Conquistalacuarela”, as he himself has baptized it. Whatever your level of experience you are certain to thoroughly enjoy and learn from Manolo’s style of teaching.

He will, initially, identify the common concerns of the participants, conduct exercises based on those individual concerns while giving understandable theoretical explanations to expedite those concerns in his imitable easy going approach. Manolo has created a format of personalised set of exercises ,designed and structured so that you will be easily able to synthesise, simplify and achieve an extraordinary speed of your learning time. He will explain for you to know how to identify the appropriate mental mechanisms to be able to control watercolor with ease and imprint your own personal stamp upon all your paintings.

Join us and Manolo Jiménez Sánches for a unique experience for a week of watercolor practise with this master of explanation and encouragement.

Manolo Jiménez's courses at Dalvaro Art

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