Keith Hornblower

Keith Hornblower has been an Architectural Illustrator for 30 years and is a Fellow of the Society of Architectural Illustration, but he is also a passionate painter in watercolour, entirely self-taught.

Because of his deep understanding of buildings and the principles of perspective, he paints them frequently, with a freedom not allowed in his illustration work and he is keen to pass on this knowledge to his students. But subject matter is not restricted to street scenes and he is equally at home painting landscapes or flowers, always with an infectious freedom and passion.

Students are often intimidated by watercolour and the fear of white paper; Keith manages to dispel this fear and inspires his students to let loose, have fun and produce great paintings. Ultimately, it’s not about the tutor, but all about what he can bring out of the students.

Keith says:
“I will show you how to reduce a scene to its essentials, so that anything can be painted relatively simply and spontaneously. Tonal values and light are everything; if the values are right, we can have a lot of fun with the colours! Mistakes are not a big deal; that’s how we learn and the more we paint and the more mistakes we make, the better we become as painters.
Mistakes are good; they mean we are willing to try something different.”

Keith Hornblower's courses at Dalvaro Art

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