Joe Dowden

Joe has his very own style of teaching, here is a brief of his method.

A demonstration is followed by the class painting under guidance from Joe until that stage is complete and we move on to the next. This is repeated until the painting is complete. Joe produces a painting from scratch in stages with full explanations. He has a friendly relaxed way of teaching while managing to get around to all the students so no one is left behind or bemused. He will start with a demonstration of the initial stages of the chosen painting. After each demo, everyone has the opportunity to follow along and complete that stage, while Joe gives each individual some, one to one tuition. This is followed by a demonstration of the next stage, while the group takes a break from painting and watch how the next step of the painting unfolds. The class follows each demonstration, with the practical task of taking their very own painting toward completion, under the artist’s expert guidance.

This method is designed to build confidence. Everyone is enabled to get a result by the end of each day. You will find not only do you complete a painting, but you will be able to put into practice what you have learned in all your work. There are also numerous tricks, tips and techniques to be learned. You can benefit from Joe Dowden’s professional insights.

Each class is subject driven. You get to complete that particular subject on the day. You can use what you learn in all your future work. Through practice plus confident and friendly tuition you can achieve a great deal.

Joe’s workshops are for all level, beginners are especially welcome as Joe’s easy going manner and expert guidance really does build confidence in one and all.

Joe Dowden's courses at Dalvaro Art

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