Joanne Boon Thomas

Joanne derives immense pleasure from helping others to discover the endless joys (and occasional frustrations) of painting, and to progress, whether they are taking their first tentative steps or are seeking to develop their technique and style. Her goal is to do so much more than demonstrate and pass on her knowledge.  She gets to understand her students’ aims, and fears, to help them to achieve the former and to lose the latter, to encourage, and to make it fun.  She gets unbelievably excited and proud when she sees her students blossoming. Her patience is endless and her enthusiasm is infectious, because of her belief that “anyone can paint” it just takes the desire, some good tuition and plenty of persistence, coupled with the knowledge that art is so very good for the soul.

A well as Watercolour Joanne will also be demonstrating Brusho painting. Brusho literally causes a visual and sensory explosion on the page enough to drive the most sane and sensible wild with excitement and delight at its sheer boldness and astonishing reaction to water. There will be opportunities to go out on location, not only to take photographs but also for plein aire painting studies. Within the week there will be a mix of studio work plus painting and sketching within the local towns and castles of this inspiring area.

A rare chance to receive one to one tuition with this truly inspiring Artist on a daily basis.

Joanne Boon Thomas's courses at Dalvaro Art

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