Igor Sava | Course 2019

On this workshop you will be shown, not only the basics as a refresher but will quickly move on to some more advanced concepts of painting still life, animals and landscapes in watercolor. This well organised course is well planned to suit the whole group and with Ekaterina’s personal involvement each individual will have all new concepts as well as every step further explained. Her enthusiasm, humour, patience and dedication will encourage everyone to “enjoy the ride” with fun and laughter. Ekaterina’s courses are usually studio based, venturing out on location for some plein aire painting with additional sketching and photographing in preparation for the more detailed work in the studio. Some knowledge of watercolour painting is advisable but Ekaterina is very sensitive to the individuality of all her students and she will adapt her focus to your own level, aspirations and learning ability.

This workshop is suited to the more advanced student who is familiar with and comfortable with the basic uses of watercolour paints and techniques and is not intimidated by plein air painting in busy thoroughfares, but wishes to advance their understanding even further with two of the present day masters of watercolour.

Our easy going programme is loosely based on having alternate days of painting within the studio and gardens of Las Orquideas and plein aire painting trips to some of the wonderful locations around Valencia, which are an artists delight.

  • Course arrival date 22nd July 2019
  • Course departure date 29th July 2019

Six nights inclusive stay.

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Painting Holidays & Watercolor Art Vacation

Dalvaro Art offers the ideal art vacation & painting holidays, creative vacations and inspiration for an art lover of any skill, in any medium. You will be offered courses of individualized art in watercolors with the best international tutors and a privileged natural environment.


All inclusive: Tutoring, outings including lunches out, transfers, single on-suite rooms, drinks & snacks, breakfast meals and dinners

Igor Sava | WorkshopWatercolours

Igor Sava is considered one of the best watercolourists of the present time. He participates in, and gives lectures and workshops in some of the world’s most respected central classes and his own studio in Italy. Igor Sava paints with great ease; his paintings of landscapes flow from his brush as if by magic, and his paintings of nude figures are admired by a large number of followers. Igor has been awarded in several prestigious events and is frequently invited to perform demonstrations of his watercolour techniques around the world.

Ekaterina Sava (Ziuzina) Today Ekaterina is a renowned watercolourist within the art world. She uses her great skill of subtlety and representation within all her many diverse subjects. Particularly in her detailed paintings of animals, which always show a great sense of passion and understanding. One of her great strengths lies in the capacity she has of creating an amazing transparency in her still life and life paintings.


+ Information

This is a general guide to our workshop itinerary schedule.

Each of our painting workshops is different and the actual schedule is decided by each art tutor individually according to the needs of the group and course structure.

Generally we would go out painting plein air every other day that would be one day at Las Orquideas, either painting in the gardens or the studio. The following day would be a trip out, varying between short travelling distances, to local sites, medium distance, 20 to 50 minutes travelling and longer distances, about an hours drive.

A typical weeks itinerary for a painting workshop would be:

Complimentary transfer from airport to your accommodation at “Las Orquideas”, Dalvaro Art venue for painting workshops in the Valle D’Albaida, Valencia, Spain. Please check timings for pick-ups.

After breakfast, meet the tutor. Days instruction in the studio or around the gardens.  Lunch and evening meal at Las Orquideas.

Breakfast followed by our first trip out, usually to one of our fabulous mid distance locations, as shown below, as decided by the tutor and the needs of the group. Lunch may be at a restaurant in the chosen location or we may return to Las Orquideas.

Leisurely breakfast followed by a day at the venue, in the studio or the gardens.

Slightly earlier breakfast today as we prepare for one of our longer distance trips.

Day in the gardens of the venue or finishing work in the studio.

Final painting day so a local painting location today and back to Las Orquideas for lunch. Late session in the studio finalising the weeks work.

Breakfast then your complimentary transfer to the airport. Please check timings for drop-offs.

The above is just a guide to our schedule, as items outside of our control can change and some groups or tutors prefer to spend more time in our magnificent studio and gardens.

What we include for this workshop?

  • A seven night stay at Las Orquideas, the Art Retreat venue for Dalvaro Art Vacations.
  • Shared or single accommodation in twin or double rooms. All rooms are private and air conditioned.
  • Full use of purpose built art studio with your own space.
  • Complimentary airport transfers.
  • Daily art instruction from Igor and Ekaterina, three days from each.
  • Evening meal on arrival day. Breakfast on departure day. Three meals on every course day.
  • Free Dalvaro Art carry bag and artists apron.
  • Early booking discount.

Airport transfers new info:

We offer complimentary airport transfers from Valencia and Alicante.
We like to be as flexible as possible on these, while understanding that flight arrival times are in the hands of the airlines and not the artists coming to us. At the same time we have to consider the journey times between the airports and our venue, not forgetting, of course, our driver’s hours on the road.
Therefore we cannot give precise timings, as we have no way of telling far in advance the arrival times or the chosen airport of our art course participants.
We will do our best to meet you as near to your arrival time as possible. The absolute maximum waiting time would be under 4 hours. Usually this would be much less, average time is 30 minutes, most of the time we are there waiting for you.
Obviously this is not always within our control, due to flight delays etc.
For departures, our aim is for two morning departures from the venue. The first would be early and the second before midday.

Not included

Materials, we do not give materials for 2019 courses
Participants will be sent a material list two months before course start date, as suggested by the tutor. Any extra requirements can be purchased in our local art shop.
We will be giving our Art pack, = A Dalvaro Apron and A Dalvaro Art Bag

    • Materials.
    • Flights.
    • Medical/travel insurance.
    • Staff gratuities.


A variety of cereals, nuts and dried fruit. A selection of breads, marmalades and preserves. Yogurts, tea, coffee and fruit juices are also available.


You will be given paints and paper for the week ahead. Extra paint and paper can be purchased from the studio if required.


Snacks and drinks are made available throughout the day from the breakfast bar area.

Pick up times

First pick up; Between 10:30 and 11:30. We leave the airport according to the later arrival between these times. The driver will not wait after 11:30, arrival time to Las Orquideas approx 12:45. 

Second pick up: Between 21:30 and 22:30. We leave the airport according to the later arrival between these times. Arrival time to Las Orquideas approx 23:45.

Pick ups outside of these times are charged at 70 Euros per person up to a maximum of 140 Euros for 2+ people. The same charges apply to pick ups from Valencia airport. Private taxis are available from the airports. Charges will be at the discretion of the individual driver but should be in the region of 110 Euros from Valencia and 130 Euros from Alicante.

Departure times.

Journey time approximately 75 minutes.

We offer two departure times to Alicante airport.

First departure from Las Orquideas between 07:30 and 08:30. This will be for flights between 10:30 and 14:30, this will be determined by earliest flight requirement.

Second departure from Las Orquideas between 11:30 and 12:30. This will be for flights after 14:30, this will be determined by earliest flight requirement.

Departures outside of these times are charged at 70 Euros per person up to a maximum of 140 Euros for 2+ people. The same charges apply to departures to Valencia airport. Private taxis are available.  Charges will be at the discretion of the individual driver but should be in the region of 110 Euros to Valencia and 130 Euros to Alicante.