Francesco Fontana

Francesco Fontana is a professional artist with many years experience in oil, watercolor, acrylic and dry media. After art school, he followed a bohemian dream and started his artist journey bohemian Paris, making a living by drawing tourists’ portraits. In the years to follow, he exhibited his art in Italy and France and his paintings are now in many private collections in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Based on most common students’ issues, this workshop will focus on the three major tasks according to students’ level. This watercolor workshop will cover landscape, cityscape and still life in plein air and with some studio work. Final open critique session and follow up directions. Fun and friendship!

Make it Transparent; Learn the skills to keep your paint transparent, even when your color should be darker than black. If you are a beginner the quality of your first attempts will double the very minute you give your watercolor its inherent beauty: transparency!

One Brushstroke; Learn the economy and expression of the brushwork. Every stroke makes the difference, it’s the ultimate one, your signature. Done quicker than expected? Don’t worry, paint a larger one or hundred more! A priceless discipline for intermediate painters!

Be a Magician; Learn the artifice to translate real life into poetry. Even when you paint the most mundane subject, you will be able to interpret it with artistic personality. Secrets for the more proficient painters to develop their unique style!

Francesco Fontana's courses at Dalvaro Art

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