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Dalvaro Art Painting Holidays, is located in Benigánim, in the northeast sector of the Albaida Valley. In this geographical area we find areas of great scenic interest. An example is the Solana, where vestiges of ancient settlements dating from the third millennium BC have been located. C. that is, the Chalcolithic-Eneolithic period of prehistory.

In Benigánim the passage of time can be seen in the layout of the streets, and the shape of the houses. The oldest neighborhood is known as the Isleta neighborhood, with narrow and irregular streets, dating from the 12th century, when the Wazir Abu Mahomet Ben Gania received this territory and founded a new town, which after the conquest passed to Christian hands. The new neighborhoods have wider and more straight streets, but all of them continue to converge at an important point: a plaza, a fountain, a church, etc.

In the year 1602, Felipe III granted him the title of Villa Real, which allowed him to become independent of Xátiva.

Have a walk around Benigánim during your Painting Holidays and discover all sorts of architectural treasures from this city.


The testimonies of the settlement in the Játiva area are among the oldest in the entire Mediterranean façade, as evidenced by the findings of the Cova Negra, belonging to the Middle Paleolithic period. The city dates back to the Iberian culture and has retained its place name, that originally was Saiti (although the Ibi or Tibi variants existed) . Since the settlement has been extended for more than 2,300 years in the same geographical area, it is very difficult to find old remains, since the materials have been reused one and the other. again, reason why the shortage of Iberian remains is explained. However, the original town has been identified in the place where the Castillo Menor is currently built.

You can enjoy this ancient city that is located close to our location at Dalvaro Painting Holidays, one of our painting courses takes place here.

For more information: http://www.xativaturismo.com/


The first remains found in the term of Bocairent date from the Neolithic, like those of the Vinalopó and Sarsa caves. There were also several Iberian villages scattered by the small hills of the area. From Roman times there are some villas spread across the plain.

The current settlement arose in Muslim times with the name of Bekirent and, after the dissolution of the caliphate of Córdoba, it ended up belonging to the taifa of Denia. In 1245 the troops of James I of Aragon took him and became part of the Kingdom of Valencia, and in 1418 he received the title of Royal Villa, and in 1587 Felipe II granted him the title of Royal Cloth Factory.

This medieval town is a few kilometers away from Dalvaro Painting Holidays, but next to the Natural Park of  Sierra de Mariola, making it perfect to enjoy a charming walk through its streets during one of our painting courses, which takes place in this astonishing landscape.

For more information: http://www.bocairent.org/en/


Dalvaro Art is located in a natural area, at the confluence with the Mediterranean Sea

Painting Holidays Dalvaro Art

Nature, the place where we all come from, can be found at the surrounding beautiful landscapes, and the specific ones where our Painting Holidays take place at.

From the typical orange tree fields which even the great and famous poet, Antonio Machado wrote about, and  its beautiful mountains full with all sorts of singing birds nesting atop its flora of a vast array of colors, shapes and sizes, the brightly colored grass that garnishes the floor, up until the wide variety of majestic trees that inhabit them, and the warm and vibrant sunsets and sunrises that these lands weather has been blessed with, there are as many chances of enjoying beauty as the eye can see in this joyous field of golden, green, and blue colors.


Between the turquoise lakes and the open sea, there’s a wide variety of rustic places to visit and discover, starting with the old town districts of the ancient cities until abandoned relics, monasteries, countless churches and villages, each one of them following their architectural patterns, plus the outstanding and peculiar barracas which are unique to this area. Inspiration for Painting during your Holidays comes natural with such views.


If you’re more into the raw beauty of the natural landscapes that can be seen around the area, you have a few kilometers away one of the most gorgeous coasts in the world and the mediterranean sea, and on the other direction from Dalvaro Painting Holidays, inland, also a few kilometers away,  you have hills, mountains ranges and its flowers, all of it always bathed in the sunlight and accompanied with a scent of orange blossom.


Dalvaro Art is located in a natural area, at the confluence with the Mediterranean Sea


Scenic seaside villages, beautiful coasts, birthplace of the best diet in the world, clean fresh water and lots of sun with all its benefits, all of these have in common to be healthy and rare to be found in the same place, but the mediterranean sea is one of them, and Altea, a few kilometers away from Dalvaro Painting Holidays, is renowned as a must see place along the whole international coasts in the sea, due to its natural beauty, along with the nearby villages that decorate the gorgeous mediterranean sea, which is mild and perfect to relax at, be it inside, or outside the water.

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