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and feel the comfort as if you were home

Be it with your friends, colleagues, or by yourself, come relax and enjoy your stay and our care for you, as if it was your own house, we will give you the best treatment and provide you with everything during your Painting Holidays Course at Dalvaro, be it a swim in the pool, a walk through the gardens, or just enjoying the lovely weather, or indoors with ecological cotton sheets and towels, so you can sleep as cozy as possible.


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Dalvaro- Painting-Holidays-House

Built on a slope, gaining height for the best views for both sunsets and sunrises, our home, “Casa de las Orquideas”, Dalvaro Art Painting Holidays stays sovereign over the valley of Albaida, It is surrounded by our perfectly kept gardens and fruit trees, away from the noise and stress of the city, making it a haven of relax and well being which will help you recover your good energies and release the negative ones, without having to worry for anything except for the canvas and the landscape.


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Among our excellent services, we also have multiple facilities around the house, one of them being a swimming pool, with direct views to the whole landscape, to relax and sunbath if you’d like to do so, or perhaps go for a quick dip and swim for a bit to freshen up,  anyhow, in case that you would like more, in Dalvaro Art Painting Holidays, we also have a tennis field to play with your partner, or a petanca field, to play this traditional Spanish game with your group of friends, as well as many hidden places in the garden to relax, and inside the house itself to read, write, and enjoy.


in Dalvaro Art Painting Holidays


After a long day on the field painting and enjoying the weather, one of the best and most revitalizing thing to do, is to enjoy a shower in our pristine clean showers which are adapted to be most comfortable, and sleep cozily in our soft and warm beds which we dress with hundred per cent cotton bed sheets, covers, and pillows. Of course, in Dalvaro Art Painting Holidays, we have a wide variety of rooms to pick and choose to fit your needs.